Monkey Me

Once upon a time I lived in a small Tamil vil­lage called Vatakanal. Set on 2000 meters height in a fairy-pix­ie-won­der­land, this place was full of incred­i­bly beau­ti­ful nature. A wild place though.
One day I took my walk­ing stick (for defence rea­sons, not because I am old:), a bot­tle of water and my cam­era, to get lost in the sur­round­ing jun­gle and to explore the aston­ish­ing mag­ic of the local for­est. Know­ing that wild cats, ele­phants and bisons could cross my way at any time.
Nature is pow­er­ful, unpre­dictable and uncon­trol­lable, so I let go of my fears and enjoyed the very moments of my lit­tle adven­ture. Secret­ly, I wished to meet a wild ele­phant or two, as if it was writ­ten on my buck­et list. But the only ani­mals that crossed my path on this day were some ordi­nary mon­keys, chick­ens and cows. Noth­ing spe­cial to write home about, apart from the mys­ti­cal atmos­phere cre­at­ed by the clouds that cov­ered the trees and turned my vision in a mere black and white one. Hap­py and sat­is­fied about my nat­ur­al day trip­ping, I head­ed back home.
Lulled in secu­ri­ty once I reached the vil­lage, I tried to take the last turn, just 10 meters away from my house, when a huge male mon­key appeared and blocked the way. He was huge com­pared to the oth­er mon­keys but seemed to be not real­ly impressed by my appear­ance at all. To my annoy­ance he didn’t make a move but kept his road block­ing posi­tion. The path was too small to move around him.
While i was con­sid­er­ing what to do, I brave­ly took a step towards him, hop­ing he would move. But he imme­di­ate­ly react­ed with an evil face and showed me all his ugly sharp teeth. Haha stu­pid mon­key, what you can do I can do as well, I thought, and showed him my teeth like­wise. Big mis­take! As it turns out show­ing the teeth in mon­key lan­guage means being ready to fight. So my stub­born reac­tion and our obvi­ous com­mu­ni­ca­tion prob­lem turned into a fight about life and death.
From here it all hap­pened very fast. Sec­onds after my sig­nal the mon­key jumped with flesh­ing teeth full pow­er towards my neck, try­ing to kill me. Noth­ing, real­ly noth­ing to think or reflect about any more. These sec­onds decid­ed if I will live or die.
Pumped with adren­a­line, my sur­vival will was stronger and I instinc­tive­ly struck out my walk­ing stick and beat him as hard as i could have ever imag­ined. Hard to believe what a super pow­er is lying dor­mant inside of me. Inside all of us. WOW! The mon­key screamed from pain, gave me one last look of sur­ren­der and fled to his rat pack into the for­est.
Can you imag­ine how I felt? Mon­key me… Got my les­son.
Mind­ful­ness is a help­ful tool along the way. It means con­scious­ly pay­ing atten­tion in the present moment with­out judg­ing.

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